What is fOSSa?

The Free Open Source Software for Academia is a conference about Open Source and beyond: Open education, open collaboration, open data, open standard, open hardware & … open-ness.

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Open source can be seen as a development, collaboration, distribution, marketing and disruptive innovation model that has gradually fostered the built up of a new collaborative way of working in the R&D domain, often evolving towards the creation of an organised community.

The increasing connections at the international level raise a need for remote collaboration around the world that emphasises the need to organise the creation, promotion and sustainability of such projects. Open Source model has proved its efficiency to address this new way of working.Nevertheless, successfully launching, developing and maintaining an Open Source project is not always a spontaneous action, since it relies on a structured approach and requires good knowledge and practice of the Open Source culture.

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fOSSa 2013 Team

Program committee

  • Patrick Bertolo, Euratechnologies
  • Denis Pansu, Fing
  • Fabien Eychenne, Fing
  • Jérome Fauquembergue, Euratechnologies
  • Stéphane Frenot, Inria
  • Stéphane Ribas, Inria
  • Nicolas Roussel, Inria
  • Gabriele Ruffatti, Engineering Group
  • David Simplot-Ryl, Inria
  • Stéphane Ubeda, Inria

Organization committee

  • Alice Decarpigny, Inria
  • Marie-Benedicte Dernoncourt, Inria
  • Marie-Agnès Enard, Inria
  • Sophie Mahéo, Inria
  • Stéphane Ribas, Inria
  • Mathilde De Vos, Inria
  • Hélène Xypas, Inria



fOSSa 2013 is designed by Geoffrey Dorne

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