fOSSa 2013 - Free Open Source Software for Academia


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Past editions

You will find below all the past editions : 2013 – fOSSa at the Crossroad of Openness 2012 – fOSSa Opensource dycke has yield (broken site … ggrrr) 2011 – fOSSa where Opensource meets human beeings 2010 – fOSSa where opensource meets researchers & academics 2009- fOSSa let’s put back research at the crossroad of[…]

fOSSa 2013 - Free Open Source Software for Academia


fOSSa, it’s three thematics (19-20-21 Nov. 2014). Crypto Currencies in context & let’s look beyond !  – Day 1 The new hardware bazaar – Day 2 Open knowledge creation : Crowdsourcing scientific research – Day 3   fOSSa, it’s two collaborative workshops organized by La Fing – Day 2 Carrefour des possibles / 6 mn[…]

fOSSa 2013 - Free Open Source Software for Academia

The 6th edition of fOSSa will stand in Rennes, France, on 19, 20 and 21 November 2014

The 6th edition of fOSSa will stand in Rennes, France, on 19, 20 and 21 November 2014. Hello everyone,   After a great 2013 edition with loads of innovative topics (open source journalism, open source vehicle, etc.), fOSSa conference is back with a bunch of exciting hot topics: Transitions underway and role of openness in[…]

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2013 Videos !

You will find below the different videos taken during the 2013 fOSSa edition   and here are the 2014 edition videos from James Corbett (OSS journalism, 88000 followers) :  


Focus on Crypto-Currencies theme

Dear community !   We are please to present you the first topic of fOSSa 2014 edition that will take place on 19-20-21 Nov, in Rennes, France.   / Crypto Currencies in context// Crypto Currencies let’s look under the hood   We all agree that “Money is everywhere”, isn’t it?But how many of us knows[…]


Focus on Open Science

  // Open knowledge creation // Crowdsourcing scientific research Open science boilt down to providing open access to the results of research (open publications, open data, open code, …) but why don’t go further by opening & crowdsourcing the process of knowledge creation itself? Come & understand the stakes, get recommandations & best practices from[…]


Focus on the New Hardware Bazaar !

  Open Source has proven it efficienty in the field of improvable, iterable code & in collective ecosystem.   At present, open-source shows its efficienty in the material field : Mix up people, open source software, makers machinery, all open source & open hardware and you get a new revolution ! Jewelry, accessories, houses, agricultural[…]

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More about fOSSa talks

Here a short extract of the Main fOSSa 2014 speakers…   Bernard Lietaer Author of The Future of Money (translated in 18 languages) & “Money and Sustainability” (2012), is an international expert in the design & implementation of currency systems. Wafate – Woelab / Togo Socientize / European Union Olivier Auber Université libre de[…]

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fOSSa2014 thank you!!!

Dear community, Thank you ever so much for participating in fOSSa 2014 and contributing to the successful outcomes of the event! It was a dynamic and creative moment: THANKS!   Special thanks go to all the speakers which have given their valuable contribution to the discussion on the role of opening our projects, co-creating values and[…]


#fOSSa2014 Videos !!!

Dear all, We are pleased to announce you that the videos of fOSSa 2014 are published! There are two missing videos: Wafate (I need to cut a part of it), Genome on Rasp (idem).Framatube will publish them soon. I would like to thank FramaSoft for the hosting on a french data center open, etc[…]


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